Monday, February 23, 2009

So Little, So Much

On Wednesday, on the red-eye, I will be on my way back home...

I've done so little. Part of me is truly surprised at how little I did the past 5 months. Some of the things I'm disappointed about?
  • I didn't sunbathe nude (or at least topless) at Little Beach.
  • I didn't become that "intermediate" surfer.
  • I didn't try stand up paddling.

I've done so much. But I am proud of the new things I did do.

  • I saw the sunrise in Hana.
  • I did yoga on the beach - regularly.
  • I learned to surf.
  • I can get by in Spanish.

I've learned so little. Still, after this life changing event, I am still the same person, with all my foibles.

  • I still get stressed and yell at my kids.
  • I'm still a little scared to try new things.
  • I still expect too little from people.

I've learned so much. But more than anything, this trip has given me the opportunity to learn things about myself that I never would have in my "normal" life.

  • I always cry when my children sing.
  • I can live with surprisingly little, but still want a lot.
  • I really miss my family and friends.
  • After 9 years I'm still in love with Neil.

And thus ends this trip and this blog. Knowing people were reading kept me writing - and I thank you for sharing in this part of my life with me. Adios, mahalo and aloha.